Daniel Radcliffe remembers a man’s ‘toxic’ reaction to his girlfriend’s favorite books.

While filming Harry Potter, the actor says he was reminded of feeling “uncool.”
Daniel Radcliffe has spoken out about the “toxic” mindset that leads to women being ridiculed for liking specific types of cinema, television, music, or literature.


In an interview with Sandra Bullock, the actor promoted their new film, The Lost City. Bullock plays romance author Loretta Sage, who Radcliffe’s insane millionaire kidnaps.


In one moment, book cover model Alan (Channing Tatum) chastises Sage for calling her romance novels “schlock,” telling her that her work is essential to many readers.


Bullock described this real-life belittling attitude as “heartbreaking,” and Radcliffe added his two cents to the conversation.


“What people discard, like romantic literature, is so ridiculous,” the Harry Potter star told the PA news agency.
He recounted a time when he was out drinking with many people, and one of the men made a series of disparaging remarks about his girlfriend’s reading choices.

“I shouldn’t share this tale,” Radcliffe continued, “but I was with a pair of friends once, and the guy was so negative about anything his girlfriend read.”

“His girlfriend, who is infinitely wiser than he is, as far as I know. And I believe that mindset pervading things is extremely harmful.”
“I didn’t feel cool,” Radcliffe likened it to how he was supposed to feel while starring in the Harry Potter trilogy.
“And there were moments when I was 14 and dressed like a schoolboy, so you didn’t always feel cool.” And then later realizing how much joy it has brought to others,” he explained.
“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” And it’s a shame if you don’t express your gratitude.”
Radcliffe quipped in a recent interview that he served as the show’s “intimacy coach” for co-stars Bullock and Tatum.

On April 13, The Lost City will be released in UK theatres.

Author: Saira Hussain