Sandra Bullock Recalls Her First Meeting with Daniel Radcliffe

Sandra Bullock Who plays with Daniel Radcliffe in The Lost City, had revealed that her co-star Daniel Radcliffe was not who she expected him to be when they first met. The Lost City is a new action-adventure film directed by Aaron and Adam Nee about a romance author and her cover model. They are thrust into a jungle adventure following an attempted kidnapping during the author’s recent book tour. Sandra Bullock Plays with Daniel Radcliffe in The Lost City, had revealed that her co-star Daniel Radcliffe was not who she expected him to be when they first met. Along with Bullock and Radcliffe, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt star in the film, released on March 25.

Radcliffe plays the evil Abigail Fairfax in The Lost City, a surprising shift for the actor. Even though Radcliffe is now in his thirties and has appeared in various films throughout his career, most moviegoers still recognize him as the star of the immensely successful Harry Potter franchise. Because Radcliffe was only 11 years old when the first Harry Potter picture was released, fans had watched him grow up on the screen for the past 20 years, so seeing him as a villain in Lost City came as a shock to some.
Audiences aren’t the only ones who saw Radcliffe in a new light due to The Lost City. Bullock said in a recent interview on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show (as reported by Express) that she expected Radcliffe to be a “narcissistic, entitled child actor” when she first met him, as many who have entered the industry at such a young age have grown up to be. Bullock has happily admitted that she immediately discovered Radcliffe was the polar opposite of her expectations and that she has grown to “truly appreciate and like him so much.” Here’s the rest of her quote:

“And to be honest, I don’t know, and I just grew to admire and like him a lot because he wasn’t what I imagined him to be.” I expected him to be a narcissistic, entitled child actor who had grown into an adult and would be full of drama, but he was nothing like that.”

Daniel Radcliffe talks about his new film script, which he wrote and hopes to direct.
Hollywood has a reputation for making people who have achieved stardom early in their lives into malicious individuals to be around (to put it mildly). That is, of course, excellent news. For those who grew up with Harry Potter and wished for the enchantment, to be honest, learning that the sweet young kid from The Philosopher’s Stone grew up to be a stereotypical selfish movie star would be terrible. However, one only needs to look at the interviews Bullock and Radcliffe did for The Lost City to understand that this is not the case. Both performers appear to be down-to-earth, and they have become great friends.

Finally, although the character is entirely different from Radcliffe, he enjoyed portraying Fairfax, and those around him enjoyed working with him. While Radcliffe may have been fantastic to everyone off-screen, his character causes a lot of difficulty for the characters on screen. Radcliffe fans will not want to miss The Lost City, which is currently in theatres. That is excellent news because the whole cast and crew of The Lost City had to quarantine together for the entirety of the shoot. Thus everyone got along just fine.

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