9 Reasons Why Rachel Deserved to End Up with Gunther, not Ross

There are a plethora of reasons why Friends fans strongly believe Gunther would have made a good partner for Rachel. For starters, he had an undying love for her and hoped that someday she’d see him in the same light. Rachel and Gunther knew each other well and had invested a lot in their work relationship. Now, in most cases, it’s hard to make a transition from a purely professional into a romantic setting. But their equation would have been the exception to the rule.


Things such as capitalizing on each other’s strengths and building the right balance of their personality traits would have strongly worked in their favor. Though Gunther’s feelings were played for laughs, it has now come to fans’ attention that wasting their romantic potential was tragic. Here’s why they belonged together.


Friendly Co-Workers

Rachel and Gunther’s transition from strangers to friendly co-workers was easy. He’d always walk up to her and remind her she need extra training if need be, and that ultimately didn’t affect their equation.


Realistic Expectations

Rachel knew Gunther since the day she began her journey in NYC. He’d seen her at her weakest – a wet bride storming into the Central Perk cafe. He’d also seen her at her strongest, i.e, as a go-getter fashion executive, a single mom, and a great friend.


Gunther Would Have Enriched Rachel’s Time After Work

Once Rachel started to work in the fashion industry, the cafe was no longer was her workplace but a hangout spot with great coffee. She and her friends spent their most memorable moments at Central Perk. She would regularly drop in after work and spend time hashing things out.

Work-Life Balance Was Achievable

Ross and Rachel are easily the worst sitcom couple. Their downfall began when Rachel found her big break and was unable to commit time to him.

Gunther Truly Loved Rachel

Ross freaked out about Rachel living a whole other life, but Gunther would have been appreciative of Rachel. Not only that, that man would have gone an extra mile to ensure she felt supported during her first few weeks at Bloomingdales.

They Balanced Each Other Out

Riding the ebb and flow of a relationship is the trick to maintaining a healthy balance. With Gunther and Rachel’s personality traits, achieving harmony and balance was a piece of cake.

Rachel Found Gunther Cute

In “The One With All The Kissing,” Monica asked Rachel to stop thinking about Ross and notice other men around her. It just so happens that when Monica pointed towards Gunther and asked Rachel whether she found him cute, the reply was a yes.

Rachel’s Transition To Adulthood And Changed Priorities

Rachel’s 30th birthday symbolized her transition to full adulthood. Turning thirty was a huge deal for her and she’d started to crave stability. She also said she wanted marriage but the only problem was she still hadn’t met the man of her dreams.

Gunther Was The Missing Person In The Group

Gunther was a funny man and has some of the funniest quotes in the show. With his unique insights and sharp humor, he would have lit up Monica’s apartment every time invited over.

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