15 Things Kaley Cuoco Has Recently Revealed

Only a few actors can genuinely be called stars on television. When “The Big Bang Theory” ran on CBS, Kaley Cuoco played Penny. She is also understood for her roles on shows like “8 Simple Rules” and “Charmed.” Besides that, she’s also been in a lot of movies. On the other hand, Cuoco is a big star in “The Flight Attendant.”


15. She thinks that “The Big Bang Theory” would love to see Penny become Harley Quinn.


“Cuoco has voiced Harley Quinn.” In Entertainment Weekly, she said: “Oh, that is pretty cool, isn’t it?” What would the guys say? Penny changed into the person they wanted her to be. She said, “I’ll always be grateful to Big Bang for getting me out there and making me a star.” It’s in my heart.


14: She DID NOT want to do a Boston accent for Harley Quinn, so she didn’t.


Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacher were the show’s co-creators. Cuoco said that they wanted her to have a strong Boston accent at first. “My voice is a little familiar, and I think it will be silly if we try to act like Kaley isn’t playing this role,” Cuoco said. So it just turned into me screaming all the time and not anyone else. It’s a lot of me, and I’ve made it my own.

13. She Thinks Working On “The Flight Attendant” After “The Big Bang Theory” Is A ‘Smart’ Move

When asked by Entertainment Tonight, Cuoco said, “I feel good because I’m in the middle of The Flight Attendant, which I think is a good idea.” I didn’t have enough time to think about it. “The Flight Attendant” isn’t just a new show for Cuoco. It’s also a way for her to show off her skills. It’s a project that she does for fun. She stars in it and is an executive producer.

12. The thought of leaving her pets while she was filming in New York broke her heart.

Cuoco had to stay in New York to shoot sets for “The Flight Attendant,” so she had to wait. Early on, she said, “I’ve already been crying because I know I’m going to leave them.” Could you help me? I’m going to need it! Every night, I will have to Facetime them and tell them how much I love them. He and I don’t feel complete unless there are a lot of pets around us.

11. She’s Kept In Touch With Her ‘Big Bang’ Co-Stars, Seriously Ex-Boyfriend Johnny Galecki

Cuoco told Us Weekly that “We have a group chat.” It has been moving on for a little while now, & we just kind of watch what everyone is up to. Johnny now has a child. She said, “He’s always wanted to have a child, so this was a big deal.”

10. For Her, DC’s Harley Quinn Is A Hero For All Women

She said, “I think she represents more women than we think.” Getting out of a bad relationship and having your friends around you makes you feel strong and believe in yourself. This is what feminism is all about at its very core. This is why I love her: She’s strong, she loves her friends, she kicks ass and does terrible things, but for the right reasons. She’s quirky, she’s fun, intense, and she’s adorable.

9. She likes working with R-rated voice work.

Cuoco told Yahoo Entertainment about “Harley Quinn” and said, “I have loved the whole R-rating with Harley Quinn. I think it’s great.” I’ve been really into the swear words. I thought the screaming was very funny, and I liked it. Because of the aggressiveness, I’ve always thought it was great. It’s crazy and wrong, but that’s why I love it. She is a badass.

8. She Admits That It Wasn’t Love At First Sight With Husband, Karl Cook

She said it wasn’t love at first sight for the actress and the man she was with. People we’d met before. It was weird. Later on, it happened. After dating for a spell in 2016, the two started to get married in November 2017. In June of this year, Cook and Cuoco got married, and now they live together.

7. She likes having her own life apart from her husband.

Asked by Entertainment Tonight, “Even when Karl and I met and I was in love with him and wanted to get married, we both like our own lives.” Even though they’ve lived in different places, she said later that “I’ve never been in a better relationship.” She said that “in some ways, we’re taking it slow” because “we don’t want this to end.”

6. She can quickly start thinking like a producer and deal with people who don’t like her work.

A quote from Cuoco: “I’m very good at breaking things down.” At first, other producers were afraid that I would be able to watch my dailies and let other people judge them in front of me. I look at it because that isn’t even me, and I can handle the criticism. There are times when people say things like, “Oh, I don’t love that take.” I can say, “Oh no, I don’t love that either,” even though I rarely say that. “You have to be able to put my little producer hat on and look at it that way.”

5. She said that having time for herself is essential.

Tip: “I need some alone time to wake up and get in the mood for the day.” Hanging out on the couch with a furry friend and my coffee is integral to my day. She also said that “Yoga, cycling, horseback riding, and moving my body helps me stay positive for the day.” This is what she said.

4. She’s a big fan of the “Love is Blind.”

“I got up, made my coffee, and now I’m watching the last episode of Love Is Blind because I’m so into it.” “I think this might be the next subject for my Instagram show, Cup of Cuoco.” 🙂 “I can’t get enough of this show!”

3. She Revealed That She Likes Salmon And Hates Mushrooms

Then, Cuoco took to social media to talk about a recent “assistant drama” about her food. “I eat the same thing every day.” When I eat salmon and vegetables, it’s one of my favorite things. What do I dislike the most? Everybody who knows me knows that I wouldn’t say I like them. If I see one, I don’t want to eat it.

2. After her sister, Briana, was cast on “The Flight Attendant,” she was accused of nepotism. 2. She said that was not true.

On Instagram, Cuoco was with her sister and said that her sister “got the part all on her own.” She said, “Well, that’s true. I didn’t do anything about it. [She] tried out for the part.” There was one more thing that Briana said: “People love to think that I got everything because of my sister.”

1. She Wants To Have A ‘Big Bang’ Reunion Someday

Speaking with Extra, Cuoco said: “You know what I would like, in the same way, that Friends are meeting up; I would like us to do the same thing for Big Bang.” I would be very excited about that.

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