Randy Orton responds to John Cena calling him “one of the most awesome WWE Superstars ever.”

Randy Orton has responded to John Cena’s tweet in which he congratulated The Viper for having worked in WWE for 20 years, and Orton said that he was proud of him for that. His first impression on the main roster came back in 2002. Orton has just celebrated his 20th birthday in WWE. People from all over the wrestling world sent him congratulatory tweets.

One of Orton’s best on-screen rivals, John Cena, congratulated him in his most recent tweet. The former world champion had a lot to say about The Viper and praised him for “his maturity and growth as a person.” Cena also said that Orton was one of the best WWE stars. The other person has now responded to the praise. See his tweet below:

Randy Orton has praised John Cena in the past

People prominent in the WWE during the PG Era were Orton and John Cene, two of the most famous people. These men were often the main attraction at WWE events and made a lot of money from merch sales. As long as they have been out of the ring, Cena & Orton have always been nice to each other. Both men have said nice things about each other in the past. “The Viper,” said the following about Cena on After The Bell.

“And John Cena, as well, too. There are moments when I don’t want to say it, but I’ve learned a lot from that person, even though I wouldn’t say I like it. I did. We’ll talk about how to slow down, take a breath, and listen to people in this part. He was a great person. His skills at listening to people were so good that he was called “a fu**ing Ninja.” Orton and Cena fought on WWE TV and in pay-per-views a lot. A TLC match was the biggest fight they’ve ever had. They competed there in 2013. He beat Cena that night and won the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Randy Orton and Riddle are the RAW Tag Team Champions right now, and Orton is one of them. The Usos, SmackDown’s tag team champions, are set to face the duo at WrestleMania. Those who win will become WWE Tag Team Champions.

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