WWE 5 Best John Cena And Randy Orton PPV matches

When it comes to WWE, John Cena and Randy Orton are probably two of the best-known stars ever. John Cena is loved by fans worldwide because of his “never give up” attitude. On the other hand, Randy Orton has a huge fan base because of his nasty on-screen persona and heel character. They have given the WWE Universe some exciting storylines and matches, which have helped define both of their careers. Both of them are sure to be in the Hall of Fame. They have many world title reigns under their belts. Ric Flair won 16 world championships. They both have a chance to break his record of 16. All the time they were in the ring together, there was a lot of excitement in the air.

#5 TLC 2013

Cena and Orton fought each other in a TLC match to unify the World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Championship, which they held. While Cena fought for the World Heavyweight title, Orton fought for the WWE Championship.

#4 SummerSlam 2007

John Cena and Randy Orton have been World Champions many times during their careers. With the WWE Championship in the balance, they may have faced each other more often than any other pair of wrestlers in the world. At SummerSlam 2007, there was a match like this. If Orton wanted to be champion, he had to fight for it against Cena. To be top performers for the company, they both had to think and act more intelligent than the other person.

#3 Hell in a Cell – 2014

John Cena and Randy Orton took on each other in a brutal match at Hell in a Cell. They both wanted to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, so they fought very hard. Orton and Cena used everything from tables and chairs to the steel cage in the ring. They looked like they were going to improve on their last match inside the savage structure, and they did.

#2 Iron Man match – Bragging Rights 2009

WWE Champion: They both put their bodies on the line to prove their claim. John Cena and Randy Orton have a long history together, so when they fight together in an Iron Man match, it goes to a whole new level because of that and how well they work together in the ring. In this match, both Cena and Orton pushed each other to put on the best show possible for the WWE fans who saw it. The game lasted for 60 minutes, and Cena beat Orton with six pinfalls to five for Orton.

#1 I quit- Breaking Point – 2009

Cena and Orton met for the first time in this match, and it was one of the best times. The level of viciousness shown in this match was out of this world. If your opponent said, “I quit,” you won the game because you made them say that. When Orton and Cena were on stage, they had a great show for fans.

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