The Big Bang Theory: 10 Secret Details About The Boys’ Offices You May Not Have Noticed

Fans of The Big Bang Theory, currently that the show is over. How many times have you watched it all at once? A few times? There may be hidden details about the boys’ offices and workspaces that you haven’t seen before.

10 Why Don’t People Use the Workspace in 4A?

How do Leonard and Sheldon work in their apartment? As fans know, the two work in two different places. Leonard works at the desk near the door, and Sheldon works at the desk near the kitchen.

9 Why Does Raj Have A Bell?

Another thing that would be hard for people to figure out is the bell on Raj’s desk. He had a brass bell on his desk when he moved into the office with Sheldon. In this case, it is called “The Hot Troll Deviation.” The bell is still an essential part of Raj’s office, and it can also be seen in “The 43 Peculiarity” and “The Closure Alternative.”

8 Sheldon’s Flag Sticker

Many people aren’t confident about what to make of the sticker on Sheldon’s laptop that has the American flag upside down. They took it from his apartment when they broke into it. The notebook was red, and pictures of the United States flag. Leonard’s laptop looked like Leonard’s, except Leonard’s flag faced the right way up.

7 Raj’s Desk

During “The Hot Troll Deviation,” Raj and Sheldon get into a fight because Sheldon won’t let the first one use his desk. After a lot of pressure from the rest of the group, Sheldon agrees. However, Raj bothers him, even more when he buys a huge desk that takes up the whole office.

6 The Sign On Howard’s Door

The Mechanical Engineering Lab is Howard’s lab. There isn’t much that would get the attention of the people there when he worked there besides the picture of him & Bernadette from their wedding. There is nothing personal about the book. However, some viewers could spot a mistake in one of the signs on the door.

5 Albert Einstein Bobbleheads made by Sheldon.

Fans may not have seen Sheldon’s Albert Einstein bobblehead. Fans already know that the famous physicist is a favorite of the group. However, he seems to have had the most impact on Sheldon, who has often called himself “Dr. Einstein von Brainstorm” or “Einstein of Brainstorm.”

4 The Musical Notes On The Whiteboard

It’s called “The Rothman Disintegration.” Sheldon and Kripke have to fight for his office when Professor Rothman retires. As soon as Sheldon wins the challenge, he doesn’t like the office. He especially doesn’t like the wind chimes outside and the mockingbird that lives there.

3 Sheldon’s Journal Picture

In “The Rothman Disintegration,” when Sheldon moves into his new office, fans will be able to see a framed black and white picture of the future Nobel Prize winner there. If you look at the picture, you’ll find out that Sheldon said that because he’s on the front cover of The Journal Of Physical Chemistry A.

2 “Babylon 5 Pwns Spock.”

Fans will remember that Raj and Sheldon had a marshmallow/Nerf gunfight in “The Hot Troll Deviation.” A message on the whiteboard that said “Babylon 5 PWNS Spock” would have also been seen by fans.

1 Sheldon’s Name On The “Stevenson Award” Is Wrong

People paying attention saw another mistake in Sheldon’s office that the producers should have noticed right away. It is suspended on the wall in his office of Sheldon, and it is signed “Sheldon Lee Cooper Ph.D.” Fans will be able to see it. People are having a hard time here.

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