We Miss Kaley Cuoco On Big Bang Theory, So Here Are 5 Pics Of Penny

If a TV show had the chance to air, it would want to be a huge hit right away. The truth is that most shows fall flat and don’t last very long. A series gets a lot of attention from fans, but only a few do well and create a lot of money for the people who made it. If the show had been actual, The Big Bang Theory would have been a massive hit on the small screen. This was great news for actress Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley has chosen to play Penny on the show, and she would be perfect for the role. Many people watched Penny grow and change as a character over the years in the show. Afterward, fans repeatedly go back and watch their favorite episodes now that the show is over.

5. Comfy In Bed

Penny is one of the unique characters in the show. In this picture, you can see Penny as she relaxes in bed. She has a cute grin on her face. This is mainly because Kaley Cuoco did an excellent job. We couldn’t have seen a better person to play Cuoco in this movie!

4. Having A Laugh

There must have been a lot of fun working on a show like The Big Bang Theory. There is a picture here that looks like Cuoco is having a real laugh, and it helped make the scene more accurate for the fans.

3. Getting Down

Seeing Kaley Cuoco on TV is always a good thing, wildly when dancing and having fun with the people who watch her. Many people were happy that her character was well-developed instead of boring. Cuoco also added a lot to each episode.

2. Wedding Bells

No matter what Penny is wearing, she looks great. It also helps that Kaley Cuoco is an outstanding actor and looks excellent. In this picture, she is at a wedding. It’s from an iconic moment in the show, and to no one’s surprise, she was able to stand out.

1. Pajama Day

Penny was not as close to the boys as she later became, and she was just the pretty neighbor across the street. When you look at this picture of Cuoco, you can only imagine what the people on set were thinking.

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