“It Was an Enormous Honor,” Dan Fogler on Jacob Kowalski, getting a wand.

The secrets of Dumbledore have been revealed! Everyone is talking about the new film Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. It’s been dubbed “the best one yet” by some. Is that the case? One thing is sure: the movie is full of shocks, one of which is that a Muggle (or, in the case, a No-Maj) is granted a wand for the first time in history. Perhaps there is yet hope for all of us.

Jacob Kowalski, a No-Maj and Newt’s best friend, finally steps into the wizarding world in Secrets of Dumbledore in a way that no other Muggle we know has ever done before: He was given his wand. It’s not just any wand, either; it’s a rare wand that Albus Dumbledore gave him. Now, where has Dumbledore been hiding that fascinating tool all this time? Is it still around in Harry’s time? Why are we only now learning about a Muggle-friendly wand? We knew this movie would leave us with more questions than answers — after all, we’re talking about Dumbledore.

Jacob having a wand is an exciting and unexpected development in the film. Being cast as a Muggle makes you feel a bit left out when it comes to magical things (we’ve all felt it), and Dan Fogler said in an interview that it felt like he was cast in Star Wars without a lightsaber. When Fogler learned that Jacob would be receiving a wand, he was overjoyed, mainly because he could already anticipate the hilarious havoc.

I watched two movies as everyone got their wands and went to their training classes. I’ve always imagined that someone might drop one, and I’d be able to pick it up and return it to them. Being given this one by Dumbledore felt like a tremendous honor. And I just thought, well, with this [M]uggle trying to figure it out, there’s a lot of opportunity for some fantastic comedy and action moments, and it was great. It was simply amazing.
While receiving a wand is a dream come true for Fogler, Jacob Kowalski has his sights set on Queenie Goldstein. Although her joining Grindelwald’s ranks at the end of the second film crushed the hearts of all her friends, Jacob has not lost his love for her. Fogler is excited to see how the relationship progresses.
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The essential thing to Jacob is Queenie. Their friendship makes for a compelling story. It can’t be all roses and love all the time. You have some tension there, you know. She comes; she’s taken away, and getting her back is a big part of the adventure.

Jacob is officially a part of the wizarding world now that he has a wand, and while we all wish it were us, we’re thrilled for him. Meanwhile, on Wizarding World Digital’s official Instagram account, a neat short video shows how Jacob’s wand was constructed. We might learn thing or two about how to make our own.

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