10 Times Hermione Took Other People’s Lines in Harry Potter

In Harry Potter books, Hermione Granger is a crucial character. She’s Hogwarts’ most brilliant student and a powerful witch. She is essential to Harry’s victory over Lord Voldemort in both the books and the movie.


Defining Mudblood


As a Muggleborn, Hermione faces two challenges: growing up unaware of the mundane realities of the wizarding world and confronting prejudice from pure-bloods who do.


Defending Harry


Ron is the last guy standing in both the film and book adaptations of Prisoner of Azkaban. Thanks to Sirius, he spends most of third act in the hospital with a wounded and fractured leg.

Explaining Her And Ron’s Silence

Hermione could easily be confused for Harry’s best friend, Ron, in the movies. She is the one who is constantly there for him, and she is written in such a way that she looks to have a better emotional understanding of him.

Questioning Nearly Headless Nick

Apart from having a “proclivity for pyrotechnics,” Seamus Finnigan doesn’t get much screen time. In the books, he has a more prominent part and more lines. He even queries how Nearly Headless Nick can be “nearly headless” in one of them.

Introducing Luna Lovegood

Hermione and Luna are at odds. Luna believes that anything possible as long as there is proof that it isn’t. Hermione believes in logic and facts, while Luna thinks that anything is possible as long as there is proof that it isn’t.

Staying Calm In Devil’s Snare

Hermione’s most vital strengths are logic and reasoning, yet she, too, gets panic attacks. Several times in the books, Hermione is portrayed as being overwhelmed. When the trio is trapped in Devil’s Snare, she is concerned about how they will escape.

Explaining The Importance Of Saying Voldemort’s Name

Hermione is very mature for her age, and she has given Harry a lot of excellent counsel over the years. “Terror of a name only fosters fear of the thing itself,” she remarks coldly to Lucius Malfoy in Chamber of Secrets.

Escaping On The Dragon

Harry wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did if it hadn’t been for Hermione. She helps him out in several awkward situations, such as when she devises a scheme to depart Gringotts on the back of a dragon in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Vowing To Stick With Harry

Half-Blood In every Prince film, the closing moment is always tricky. It’s possible that Harry has lost his last true leader and that this is the end of Hogwarts as he knows it. On the other hand, Ron and Hermione are constantly there for him.

Discussing Harry’s Parselmouth Abilities

Hermione is known for being a “know-it-all,” and she isn’t far off the mark. However, she understands more about most subjects than her classmates. Due to her Muggle upbringing, she still misses some aspects of the wizarding world.

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