This Fan Theory Changes Everything about Monica and Chandler

Monica Geller’s monogamy has been challenged by a new fan theory that hasn’t been seen before.


Monica, played by Courteney Cox, and Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry, meet up in the classic sitcom Friends. But a Reddit user named ‘u/limbtz’ has found some shocking things about her, and he thinks she may have cheated on him with another man.



“Most people think that Chandler wouldn’t cheat on Monica, but there were a lot of signs that made me think that Monica might have cheated on Chandler.”


She thought it was OK for her to flirt with other men (s5e19). It’s not cheating, but she did question the moral ground.

She was very excited when she saw Richard while Chandler was about to propose, then Richard casually let Richard introduced her as an ex right in front of Chandler, which made Chandler very happy.

Even though Richard was there, she didn’t mind. After that, she ran to Richard’s apartment.

But the theory doesn’t stop there, and it doesn’t stop there. In TOW, the stripper cries (s10e11). She hired strippers while Chandler was away in Tulsa (Rachel couldn’t find the page for strippers).

“I think Chandler should be better than this.”

However, one person who used the Reddit site disagreed with what the person said about them. It asked the user: “How is any of that cheating?”

If you don’t mind, we’ll go lay down.

Author: Aliyan Aftab

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