How I Met Your Father: 5 Things From HIMYM The Sequel Needs To Adapt

The upcoming Hilary Duff sitcom How I Met Your Father will need to capture the magic of original show HIMYM while also avoiding its flaws.


The use of Flashbacks


How I Met Your Father needs to emulate the original’s flair for comedy mainly since the returning fans will be the main viewership for the series. HIMYF also ties in with the overall story, as the premise is the main character recalling the events from the past.


Musical Performances


The sequel will benefit from this style of presentation, as the sudden arrival of musical sequences makes for a creative way to highlight the show’s comedy. It also adds to the replay value, which is something that streaming services like Hulu majorly bank on.

References to Future Spouse

It would have been a real drag to follow all of nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother without actually showing the mother, but the series threw constant Easter eggs and references to her identity that kept viewers invested.

How I Met Your Father needs to adapt this technique and turn it up a notch. That’s because viewers will be looking to binge-watch the show and it’s important to keep the overall mystery of the future spouse alive to remind fans what the theme of the series is supposed to be

One Off episodes

Sitcoms have always thrived on filler episodes, which don’t connect to the larger plot but provide the show’s comedic identity. How I Met Your Father will benefit from adapting the original’s flair in this area, as fans still remember episodes like “The Burning Beekeeper” and “Slapsgiving.”

These bring the best potential for running gags and callbacks, and the sequel can get creative in this area by presenting its own brand of creative turns. They will most likely be the episodes that fans of the original will appreciate while new ones will be intrigued by

The struggle of young people in the city

How I Met Your Mother was seen as the successor of Friends in that it told the experiences of young people trying to make it in the big city. This ensemble format made the show such a fun watch, and the sequel should follow suit by showing how the generation of today handles the same situations.

There’s also the fact that How I Met Your Father’s potential fanbase is already expecting the sequel to follow this format at a time where details are scarce. It would be too much of a departure from the original to drop this style, so it’s a win-win for it to be adapted.

Author: Aliyan Aftab

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