Stars of ‘Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton reunited for a sporting rivalry, and their photos are fantastic.

Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis will fight head to head in a new rivalry.
The fact that Gryffindors and Slytherins don’t mingle is very well known. In the Harry Potter universe, they almost always end up as foes. However, they get along swimmingly (the Harry Potter reunion captured so much adorable evidence of this). Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis, who played Hogwarts students in the Harry Potter films, recently reunited for a friendly sporting contest, and the photos show them having a fantastic time.


Both Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton have shared photos of the two Hogwarts alums, and it’s clear that they adore each other. Despite this, there is a Harry Potter rivalry between the two, as they invite fans to pick between Team Felton and Team Lewis in their captions.



Check out Matthew Lewis’ Instagram post below, in which he and Tom Felton are playing a Nintendo Switch sports game. Even though they were playing a video game, they wore identical sweatbands and a classic all-white tennis uniform. The cute couple can be seen in the following post:


As stunning as the two are in Matthew Lewis’ action photograph, Tom Felton shared a photo of the two in the locker rooms wearing similar outfits. Personalized shirts with their names on the back hang behind the two. Take a look:
The photograph and subsequent Switch match between the two Harry Potter stars are part of Nintendo’s Switch Sports launch campaign. Tom Felton advises fans to keep tuned for the outcome of the rivalry, so it appears that there will be more from the stars the cooperation with the video game industry as well.

The Harry Potter actors have an incredible chokehold on the fandom, as evidenced by the deluge of supporters pledging their allegiance to either Tom Felton or Matthew Lewis. While reading through all of those comments would take a long time, it appears that Tom Felton will win this one. The majority of fans in his comment area and a sizable part of fans in Lewis’ article seem to be on his side.

Tom Felton’s apparent victory makes a lot of sense. He may be a Slytherin (or a former Slytherin), but he is all about the Harry Potter franchise and his fans. Felton regularly revisits his time as Draco Malfoy, posting throwbacks for fans to enjoy. Felton is undoubtedly the most ardent Harry Potter fan, and his sentiment is well-received by fans.

Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis previously reunited with several other cast members for Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (which you can see with an HBO Max subscription). It appears that this has opened the way for more reunions between them. Being a part of Harry Potter’s magical world has created a bond amongst the people involved that will endure a lifetime, even if years pass between reunions. I’m excited to see what happens next in the actors’ romances, and I’m hoping for more feud updates from Felton and Matthew Lewis.

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