New feature, Mandrakes & Magical Creatures going to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London in 2022

This summer, there will be a whole new creature feature at Warner Bros. Studio Tour for anybody planning a trip. Put on your earplugs.
Mandrakes and Magical Creatures, a brand-new addition to the Studio Tour in 2022, will provide light on the techniques used to create your favorite creature effects.
In addition to Dumbledore and Fawkes, the new show will feature Cornish Pixies, Dumbledore’s beloved Fawkes, and an animatronic Monster Book of Monsters. Along with seeing how the Thestrals and Mandrakes came to life through a combination of scale model work and computer-generated imagery in the workshop, guests will be welcomed into the Great Hall to take part in a performance by the frog choir.

The Studio Tour will allow visitors access to Professor Sprout’s greenhouse for the first time as part of this unique feature. Professor Sprout’s greenhouses are well-known to Harry Potter fans, as this is where the students learn Herbology and experience a wide variety of magical plants.

The greenhouse, constructed by the original Harry Potter producers, is now home to a wide variety of magical and exotic plants. A potted Mandrake will be available as part of an interactive display in the greenhouse, just like a student at Hogwarts. The Venomous Tentacula hanging from the greenhouse ceiling was inspired by a scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, so proceed with caution.

The backlot of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is also getting a summer facelift, with the Hogwarts courtyard fountain and a 1:3 scale replica of the Weasleys’ Burrow on the way.

From July 1st to September 12th, 2022, it will run at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

Author: Saira Hussain

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