Top wedding location picks include everything from fish and chips to Harry Potter.

Are you engaged? Are you looking for a wedding venue or fantasizing about your big day? Then you’ll adore our wedding venue suggestions, which range from Harry Potter to fish and chips…

Finding a wedding venue

While the congratulatory messages on social media are still fresh, and the champagne is still flowing at your engagement toast, you can bet that queries about your wedding site will be flying in thick and fast.

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Looking at hotels, attending wedding fayres, and spending weekends traveling to different wedding venues can feel like an unending chore. Even the most organized couples can become stumped when it comes to keeping track of what set meals are available and which day and nighttime alternatives to choose.

When you factor in the advice of friends and family, it’s easy to lose sight of what you want from your wedding. That’s where The Cowshed comes in, if you’re looking for a unique wedding location in Aberdeenshire with plenty of options for cuisine and stunning views, The Cowshed could be the place for you. They may also offer you their best wedding venue recommendations…

7 top tips for choosing your perfect wedding venue

1. Familiar setting

Consider where you enjoy going and what you value as a partnership. Is there a place that means a lot to you both? It could be as essential as a favorite beach or a favorite restaurant. Choosing something familiar adds an extra degree of security when a lot is going on. It can also serve as a reminder of where you met and add nostalgia to your special day. At The Cowshed: Most of the couples have dined at The Cowshed before. Some people have even met for the first time here. Our teams value that our staff is already familiar with them, so they can trust them to do an excellent job on their wedding day.

2. Quality of the food

Nothing is more frustrating than serving your guest’s lukewarm food or running out of desserts on your special day. The wedding breakfast, or take-away tea, should be about the foods you enjoy, so now is the time to get creative and think of ways to make it unique to you as a couple. Wedding cuisine should also provide a unique experience for all attendees. As a result, top-tier chefs and the finest ingredients should be at the top of your wish list. At The Cowshed, expect award-winning roast beef and a diverse menu. The bride and groom tell us what kind of meal they want, and we try to accommodate them. We have had everything from traditional roast dinners to macaroni and cheese and even pizza! On the day, we deliver everything to our usual high standards.

3. A venue with space and scenery

Photographs are an essential aspect of your wedding day since they record those special moments for future generations. As a result, you must select a wedding backdrop that reflects you as a couple. A landscape or scenario that both of you are at ease with. Not only for photos but also for the mental images you create for the day and the ambiance a location might conjure.

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We have fantastic multi-functional neutral rooms at The Cowshed that are ideal for any wedding setup. The conservatory is perfect for pre-service canapés and beverages, while the main room provides stunning views during the service. Later on, it can be changed into a large dance floor. In the summer, two extensive sundeck areas are ideal for entertaining. As the sun sets for your perfect day, the gorgeous backdrop is the perfect location for wedding photos and selfies with guests. Also nearby is Crathes Castle, which offers another picture-perfect photo opportunity.

4. Experienced wedding planners

Weddings contain so many moving pieces that a couple can’t keep track of them all, which is where the pros come in. Some venues even hire onsite wedding planners to guarantee that your special day proceeds flawlessly. In the best sense, good wedding planners should blend into the background, leaving you ignorant of their presence. Choose wisely, ask around, and speak with other couples to find out who they employed. Look for previous experience. A skilled wedding planner would gladly show you a portfolio of weddings and references. Do they comprehend your relationship? Can they fulfill your requirements? A professional wedding planner should be able to swoop in and alleviate all of your worries. At The Cowshed, our manager has 30 years of wedding planning experience. She ensures that your day runs well with professionalism and attention to detail, so you can have a stress-free day knowing you are in good hands. All you have to do now is enjoy your day.

5. Bespoke options at the venue

You may already have specific ideas for your wedding, such as themes that reflect who you are as people and as a couple. You might be feeling overwhelmed and want a more straightforward look. The notion is that instead of feeling like a conveyor belt wedding, it should be about what you want as a couple. Look for venues that are adaptable and willing to go above and beyond to assist you in realizing your goals and comprehending what you’re asking rather than doing what they’ve done before. At The Cowshed, we can make your day as straightforward or as elaborate as you want it to be, from having your top table in a circle in the middle to Harry Potter wedding themes or fish and chips. Our goal is flexibility, and there are no hidden fees; all you have to do is ask, and we’ll make it happen!

6. Unique use of the venue

Nobody wants to share their big day with another couple, and their wedding guests are crowded at the bar or escorted out halfway through your trio of deserts while the room is being put up for the next wedding. A wedding day should be unique and free of stress. When you hire a venue, you want to feel like it’s all yours for the day. Take your time and enjoy the scenery without being rushed. Ask the platform if it will be the only wedding that day and if the public will be allowed on the premises. There are no other weddings onsite, so you can expect peace at The Cowshed. Our couples ‘ time schedules are customized instead of feeling like you’re on a conveyor belt, making the day feel more comfortable. With an expansive parking lot, even a wedding guest bus can turn around, ensuring that guests arrive securely and on schedule. The site is only 16 miles from Aberdeen.

7. Potential to return to the venue

A wedding is more than simply a day; it’s a day you’ll remember and want to commemorate year after year. Many couples overlook that their wedding site can serve as the ideal backdrop for future extended family gatherings, a quiet drink, or a baptism. It is also lovely to imagine that you could come year after year to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Inquire about forthcoming special events and whether the venue is just available for weddings while looking for a wedding venue. It’s always a good idea to plan and make sure you’ll be able to celebrate for decades to come. The onsite restaurant at The Cowshed provides the definitive cause for couples to return year after year to commemorate their wedding anniversary. The Cowshed is on hand to make a date one to remember now and in the future, from reminiscing about the big day to savoring award-winning cuisine.

Wedding venue with a view in Aberdeenshire

Banchory is nestled among rolling hills just 15 minutes from Aberdeen. The magnificent scenery and award-winning chefs are well-known as restaurants, but the venue now hosts bespoke weddings. The wedding venue in Aberdeenshire is best known for its award-winning food, which is based on a simple philosophy of using only local, seasonal Scottish ingredients and cooking them as simply as possible. The venue is named after the old ‘Cow Shed’ that still survives in the nearby field and is located on a senior Aberdeenshire dairy site. The Cowshed is a one-of-a-kind venue with its modern design and sleek and basic decor. It’s not your typical hotel or country estate; instead, it’s a lovely wedding location focusing on food and service. Where else would you find award-winning roast beef, macaroni cheese, or even pizza for a wedding lunch? It’s a lovely setting, with beautiful views across fields and knowledgeable personnel.

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